Sonic the Hedgehog


Fast but unknown


Sally Acorn,Tails,Amy Rose (Sometimes) Mina (Once)


Amy Rose and Mina (Sonic's Comic only) Eggman

First seen in

Sonic the Hedeghog (1991) Archie Comics:Sonic Mini Series issue 0 Sonic's Comic:Sonic's Comic issue 1

a speedy hedgehog with an atutde who loves advture and eating chiily dogs


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Sonic's ComicEdit

Witch Doctor lyrics-2

Witch Doctor lyrics-2

Sonic's theme in Sonic's Comic

Sonic marries Sally in Sonic's Comic and is known as the hero of Mobious and Blue Speedy Hedgehog. Sonic is faster then a vampire with speed of 00.0! Sonic is buddys with Tails,Knuckles,Sally and Blaze. Sonic is kind,grateful but unpaitent.