(Well I made the game up, but it is going to be shown!)

Sonic Mobius Edit

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Sonic Mobius is one of Rose Wolfs latest games! YAY! This game is going to be seen on Scratch soon and it's an platform game and a RPG too! In fact, it's two games in one! Sonic Mobius is about Rouge stealing the chaos emerald and Knuckles gets knocked out in the fight! When he wakes up Rouge tells him that Sonic and his friends had stolen the master emerald, so Knuckles tries to save his emerald and beat Sonic in the fight! Sonic, Sally and Tails are back in an awesome adventure!  


Sonic the HedgehogEdit


Sonic may be the fastest thing alive! But, does he think fast enough? Sonic and his friends will have to help Knuckles get his memory back! Sonic is fast and big hearted, but can be a show off.... especially in front of his girlfriend, Sally Acorn!

Sally AcornEdit


Sally is a tough and loyal tomboy princess! She hacks into computers and hangs out with her boyfriend Sonic! Sally is the Freedom Fighter leader and Mobius princess! Sonic does anything to impress her, but maybe there love is way more then it seems!

Tails the FoxEdit


Tails is Sonic's best freind and child genius! Tails dream was to become a hero just like Sonic! Tails is also  Sally's sidekick in the game!

Amy RoseEdit


Amy is obsessed with Sonic! She thinks that he loves her back! But, when she finds out Sonic in love with Sally Acorn.... she may throw a little temper...


Knuckles may be a bit stubborn when he is serious.... but when in a fight... THAT'S WHEN THE ACTION STARTS! When he is knocked out by Rouge he tries to get rid of Sonic! Will they get Knuckles back to normal?